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 Country music from then and now - over 7 decades of music on one station! WDXD is the leader in classic country music for Tallahassee.





WDXD Program Schedule
12:00a                 WDXD country music
7:00a - 9:00a     Paul Glimmer (live) {Tues- Fri}
9:00a - 2:00p    Alan on the radio (live) {Mon. 7a -2p}
11:50a - 1:50p     Lunchtime Music Marathon                         
2:00p                    WDXD country music
4:00p                   JOE'S VARIETY HOUR (Friday only) with Joe                                         Laracuente (30 min.)
4:30p                    WDXD country music
12:00a                    WDXD country music
12:00a - 7:30a   WDXD country music
7:30a          MUSIC OF NEW LIFE (classic Christian music) (live)
7:45a           VICTORY THRU TRUTH with Pastor Henry Miller                                Sponsor: Henry Miller Ministries 

8:00a           MUSIC OF NEW LIFE (classic Christian music)
1:00p            DYNAMITE CHRISTIAN COUNTRY with Mark
1:30p            WDXD country music
3:00p           THIS IS YOUR LIFE with Frank and Bobbie Agee                                   Sponsor: Overcomers Ministries
3:15p            WDXD country music


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