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Friday, September 21, 2012


I thought I'd give you an update on the low power FM (LPFM) quest. Because pretty much everything is going on behind-the-scenes, it looks like nothing is happening.

Not true.

One of the things that has been bothering me about the whole LPFM process is having a competing applixant file for the same facilities that I am, which would result in a mutually-exclusive (MX) situation. An MX scenario can drag on for months, or even years.

Roday I have retained an engineering/legal firm to represent Delta Star Radio in the filing process. I've been familiar with this company for years. They have a reputation for winning, even before things get locked into the dreaded MX situation.

The LPFM station is a battle that I need to win - not only for the community, but for myself as well. I need a win in my life. I need a purpose and a reason to get up each morning.

My application is strong on its own, Delta Star Radio qualifies for every item that is worth a point under the FCC's "criteria." We are a long-standing organization, going on 12 years in Tallahassee; our programming will be totally originated on a local level; we plan daily live-and-local programming; plus one thing they don't ask - I know, and understand, radio. I take it seriously and can offer   unique programming to the Tallahassee area.

I've been encouraged from the emails I've received this week. I need your support to do this, so please get in touch if you would like more information. Weite me personally at alanmccal@hotmail.com. 


P.S. Our new fundraising site for the LPFM project is online. Read more about me, Delta Star, and our quest for better radio for the Tallahassee area at http://www.gofundme.com/tallyhometownradio 


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


After a few days of soul-searching, I have decided that the time has come to pull the plug on most of the advertising now heard on Big D Country. Effective immediately, all streams will basically be available on a commercial-free basis.

For a few hours during the changeover, some VIPs apparently received the "commercial" feed. I apologize if that happened to you. The changeover is now complete.

Most of the ads were "per-inquiry" ads. Our most recent results reports show that we aren't earning enough from these to cover expenses. Likewise, the pay for the network ads is so low that after running them for almost a full year, we are nowhere close to the threshold for us to be paid.


But, if we are to continue from this point on, we simply must hear from more listeners. Basically, ONE donor has donated enough to cover our monthly expenses ($107, roughly) for the past year. The PIs for the past year earned us $112, $50, $60 and $21. We earned nothing from them during the past three months.

Dear listeners: It's now up to you. Hopefully enough of you will contribute so that Big D Country can continue broadcasting. If there is no response, I can only assume that we are no longer needed. In that case, once the funds run out, the music will stop. That's the position I find myself in today. I can't survive on disability and fund the station out of pocket.

For some reason, this website system does not allow me to copy and paste the PayPal donate button that I desired. Nevertheless, the station has its iown account at alanmccal@hotmail.com on PayPal. Please consider helping Big D Country stay on the air.

Meantime, enjoy commercial free country music. I'll keep it going as long as I am able to. Thank you.


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